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2 stars fresh from COVID-19, cleared to play in NBA


After recovering from coronavirus, these two NBA stars are all “cleared” to play.

No, this will only be a video game tournament where Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant will play for NBA 2K, which will be aired live on ESPN.

Joining Durant and Mitchell in the 10-day tournament are: Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks), Chester native Derrick Jones (Miami Heat), Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton (Phoenix Suns), free agent DeMarcus Cousins, Harrison Barnes (Sacramento Kings), Hassan Whiteside (Portland Trail Blazers), Pat Beverley and Montrezl Harrell (Los Angeles Clippers), Rui Hachimura (Washington Wizards), Michael Porter (Denver Nuggets), Andre Drummond (Cleveland Cavaliers), Zach LaVine (Chicago Bulls), and Domantas Sabonis (Indiana Pacers).