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36ers head coach Conner Henry already interested in Kai Sotto’s talent


Adelaide 36ers head coach Conner Henry had his sight already on Filipino teen prodigy Kai Sotto.

According to Henry, the 36ers organization has kept Sotto under their radar since he started playing for UAAP with the Ateneo Blue Eagles, as well as his international stints with Gilas Youth and The Skills Factory in US.

“You see Kai being 7-foot 3-inches tall, you’re immediately intrigued basketball wise. And when we saw initial film of him, the coaches and I were immediately excited,” Henry said.

Although Sotto still has long ways to go on his development, Henry was already impressed enough to see the 18-year old’s feel for the game.

“When you see elite players already possess the really solid feel for the game, as coaches you get really excited,” he said.

Henry assured that he will help Sotto to push him on his dream to become the first homegrown full-blooded Filipino to enter the NBA.

“We really feel like we have an outstanding plan for him on the development side,” he added.