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Aby Maraño Clears Confusion: “yung sakit ko po di galis PSORIASIS yun”



Shared by a certain Twitter user named BRAyan (@yaneo99), a netizen named Willie C. Lavapie made an offensive comment to Abigail Marano which prompted the F2 Logistics star to explain some misunderstandings on her condition.

“…hereditary walang kinalaman sa 𝕊𝕎𝔸𝔾 😃 di rin NAKAKAHAWA. Aralin po natin yung sakit wag natin gawing kalokohan. Ang nakakahawa yung kasamaan kaya wag nyo nang piliin mahawa nyan’,” Maraño continues.

Tiyang Aby even left a valuable advice for her basher: “Kuya, whatever makes you sleep at night.”