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Aby Marano Enters 2020 with Bravery and Strength


Facing a difficult challenge? New Year is a great time to reflect on what you have become, and what you want to be in this brand new decade.

In a lengthy, emotional Instagram post, Abigail Marano proved that life challenges can become really difficult, unbearable even. But the F2 Logistics star chose to speak up about her battles as a psoriasis warrior in order to inspire others.

With focus, self-love, and motivation to triumph, these struggles simply became a mere training ground for Marano to face greater challenges, and to inspire others with what she had been through in the past years.

And for that, cheers to another year of happiness, Tiyang Aby!

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Nung 2018, akala ko yun na yung pinakamahirap. Hindi pa pala. 2019 has surprised me with lots of challenges and this one is a blast. I was diagnosed to have a lifetime skin condition, Psoriasis. It is a chronic disease that often comes and goes. There is no cure for psoriasis, but we can manage the symptoms. Life changing ito kasi kinalangan kong piliin maging positibo araw-araw kahit sa pinakamahirap at nakakalungkot na sitwasyon just to avoid stress. Stress and unhealthy lifestyle may trigger my sickness. I had to overcoming my insecurities, I had to accept how people can be rude about me and my disease, I had to deal with people who doesn’t have knowledge about psoriasis, I had to stay positive even if it wasn’t easy at all, I had to deal receiving profanity and awful words from people who cannot accept me for who I am when I play ball, I had to apply ointments with steroids plus moisturizing lotion every damn day and I’ve undergone Phototherapy to cure the patches around me. I also had to go through an intense diet because I was only allowed to eat salad, fruits and gluten free food the whole 3 months of my rebuilding stage. Wala na ngang lasa pagkain ko, I went crazy pa for all the expensive food and medicines. 🤪 Now, I’m so proud that I am ending this year STRONG and I am entering 2020 with a brave heart. 10th photo is a proof that there is a miracle. I may have psoriasis but PSORIASIS DON’T HAVE ME! I MADE IT! To all, my skinmates, hang in there. Darating yung araw na mawawala rin sila, maaaring bumalik pero kailangan talaga magtiyagang dumisiplina. Stay positive kasi hindi tayo nakakahawa. Mess up then get back up. Just live your life and always choose to be happy. ♥️😆🤪😂 LAUGH MORE it’s the best medicine after all. HAPPY NEW YEAR 🥳 #Psoriasis #PsoriasisWarrior

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