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Aby Maraño on Psoriasis: “Hindi titigil ang pag-ikot ng mundo”


Pangit ba?

Abigail Maraño asked her Instagram followers as she proudly shared her photo showing the effects of psoriasis on her skin during a PSL game.

On IG, Tiyang Aby said that her skin might be flawed, but it won’t bring a negative impact on her playing skills.

She continued her caption with an explanation about her skin condition, and an encouraging shoutout saying:

“Hindi titigil ang pag-ikot ng mundo rito. Kahit na iba ang istandard ng ganda sa ating bansa, walang kaso, kasi naniniwala pa rin ako na ang tunay na ganda ay nasa loob,” aid the volleybelle on her caption.

Just recently, Maraño revealed her psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that triggers from stress, hormonal change, temperature changes, or trauma.