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Aby Maraño Receives Love and Support from Robert Bolick


These are reasonswhy you become closer to the one you love, and the one who loves you.

While Aby Maraño recently revealed that she has a skin disease called Psoriasis, support and encouragement poured on the F2 star, including a valuable backing from her PBA cager boyfriend Robert Bolick.

On Twitter, Bolick said that, “so what kung may skin disease gf ko, so what? Kahitmataba pa yankahit abnormal payankahitano pa yanpagalamko aby Marañoparinpangalanniyan Mahal namahalkoparinyan It’s all about how beautiful she is inside yanpinakaimportante #MYGIRL #MYLOVE #MYBABY ❤️ @Abymarano”

Aww! That is some sweet words coming from a hardcourt brute!

May these two continue to grow stronger, tougher against all odds!