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Aby Maraño Shares Update on Her Fight with Psoriasis


For months now, Aby Maraño has been battling a chronic disease called psoriasis with strength and confidence.

On Instagram, Tiyang Aby said that her skin is getting better as she makes sure to get enough sleep, to always apply moisturizing lotion, have proper exercise –and avoid stress.

On Instagram, Maraño also encouraged other psoriasis warriors to share their stories so that others can be inspired too.

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To my skinmates, 5 months ago my Psoriasis insanely flared up all over my body. Now, I am in full swing and incredibly recovering again. ☑️ What did I do? I went to Rizal Medical Center 🏥 to have myself checked by the best Psoriasis doctors 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ in town and continued applying one effective ointment to cure my red patches. No oral meds at all. My skin is a lot better now because I eat healthy food, I make sure to get enough sleep, I use moisturizing lotion, I exercise a lot, I make room for meditation sesh despite being busy most of the time and lastly, I can now keep my calm to avoid stress. If you ever survived Psoriasis flare-up season (please naman swish) share it, comment your ways below so we may inspire other patients as well. 💯 ALL THE LOVE! #PsoriasisWarrior #PsoriasisFashion

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