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Accept Changes! Robert Bolick weighs both side of the coin UST Food Fight


Nothing is constant but changes, and Robert Bolick surely agrees to that philosophy in life especially with controversial food fight.

Recognizable pro players like Vic Manuel, Leo Avenido, Javee Mocon, and Allein Maliksi expressed their different opinions about the leaked screenshot of the UST Tigers’ group chat complaining about the food that were served in the alleged ‘Sorsogon Bubble’.

However, the NorthPort Batang Pier rising star told his insights Spin Life, as he tried to weigh both sides of the coin.

“I heard sa mga kuya ko sa PBA and narinig ko din sa mga bata ngayon ‘tong issue, and I think, the only constant thing in our world is change and we have to adapt on what’s in front of us,” Bolick said. “We have to accept that college back then is so far from today.”

“Sobrang [different] kaya we have to respect the kuyas of the PBA kasi pinagdaanan nila ‘yun. [Ibang-iba talaga ‘yung] what they endured in college, ibang klase ‘yung hirap kaya we have to respect and show appreciation kasi dahil sa kanila kaya nagbago na ‘yung ngayon.”

Whichever side you are on, the ‘UST Food Fight’ issue surely sparked a conversation on how student-athletes saw some huge changes in the overall system in terms of recruitment process and provided perks.

“Yung college ngayon, meron ng ibang klaseng support from managers, bosses, alumni, sobrang privileged na ang dami ng nakukuhang sponsorship, big allowance, endorsements,” the former San Beda standout shared.