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‘Alam Nila Yung Totoo’ Rhenz Abando downplays poaching issue


It has been a rough week for Rhenz Abando, considering that he is just a newbie in the league.

However, the UST forward somehow presented himself in a pleasant aura after the NU game amidst the drama that he had been through.

Abando had to sit out during the UST-UP due to distraction regarding the pouching incident that happened in the middle of the season.

Nevertheless, the Ilocano athlete reaffirmed his commitment to UST to end all the talks once and for all.

To prove that the 6-foot-1 is totally with Growling Tigers, he geared up with the same mindset heading into the season — which is to win games.

“Mindset ko lang naman palagi is manalo,” said Abando who ended up with nine points and five rebounds.

UST easily dispatched NU at 88-76 on Saturday to completely eliminate them from the playoff contention.

Most importantly, Abando is completely focused and unfazed by the rumors considering that even his classmates know the truth.

“Okay naman. Okay naman ako. Mga kaklase ko hindi naniniwala kaya okay lang sa akin. Binibiro lang nila ako,” Abando shared.

“Hindi naman ako naaapektuhan kasi alam naman nila yung totoo kaya tinatawanan lang namin yun.”

There you have it! Abando will surely move on from this one.