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‘All of the guys gave me heart attack’ says NU coach Jamike Jarin on La Salle-NU tight contest


La Salle-NU was indeed one hell of a matchup.

Just when everyone thought that NU was down and out, Shaun Ildefonso would squash La Salle’s 14-point lead in the late period by mounting a 16-1 comeback to grab the lead with 28 seconds remaining, 82-81.

Unfortunately, Kurt Lojera would break every Bulldogs’ heart by his go-ahead jumper which allowed the Green Archer to escape with an 83-82 triumph.

“Actually, I’m headed to the Heart Center right now. I’m having a heart attack right now,” NU head coach Jamike Jarin joked.

The Jhocson-based squad has suffered two straight heartbreaking losses, including an 83-84 overtime defeat against Adamson Falcons.

But kidding aside for Jarin, he still gave credit the players for grinding it all out until the final buzzer.

“That’s the way the ball bounces. Again, we can’t win them all and it’s heartbreaking for everybody, especially to us. But I thank all the boys for playing their hearts out. The ball just didn’t bounce the way we want it to be,” he said.

Jarin also mentioned that they will only get better in their following games, as long as they keep on working.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get. So we cannot just rely on luck and we have to keep on working hard,”

“We still got 12 games. We’re 0-2 right now, could have been 2-0. But we’ll continue to grind it out and I believe in this group of young men and we will continue to fight and to get better.”