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An inside look at Westbrook’s summer party turned PG13 free agency decision banquet


Westbrook’s summer party was definitely a blast especially for Thunder devotees as a night full of booze, music and dance moves immediately turns into a free agency announcement that the whole NBA world is waiting to hear.

The entire party was going well. Almost 500 individuals were invited discreetly by Thunder superstar Westbrook just before the eve of the free agency period.

Here’s a look before the party’s aftermath:

No one knows the real intention of Westbrook suddenly throwing a party in his humble abode, not until the man of the hour (someone not named Carmelo Anthony) appeared:

It was a pretty normal banquet to say the least, best pals Westbrook and George were smokin’ while listening to American rapper Nas to hype up the crowd.

But things get quickly interesting when Paul George took a mic, goes to center of a stage, and uttered the words that made the Thunder devotees go wild and crazy, contrary to what another fans of a certain team would feel (sorry, Lakers).

Seconds after that, social media erupted, the complete details of his contract was announced. Different media outlets broke the news after months of anticipation.

And that’s how the free agency period of Paul George ends just within seconds after the free agency period begins.