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Anong sikreto? Kai Sotto keeps on growing, now 7’2′


The country’s teen hoop sensation Kai Sotto is not yet done growing.

Sotto, who is back at the US to continue working out in his bid to make it to NBA, now stands at 7’2” after growing a full inch, according to a post by US-based sports agency East West Private.

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@kzsotto Kai grew an extra inch. @p3sportscience P3 keeping tabs.

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The17-year-old will likely grow taller in the few years but that’s not the only aspect that is going to make Sotto more lethal.

“That height will be deadly when his body fills in with muscle and he further builds up his stamina and agility and hones more basketball skills,” said EWP in a comment on the photo.

EWP also clarified that Sotto measures 7’3″ when wearing shoes.