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AVO polishes his nails and he doens’t care


Former De La Salle University star Arnold Van Opstal is straight but he doesn’t want the society to tell him what to do and what not to do.

In an Instagram post, Van Opstal showed a picture of his and his friends’ fingers that have nail polish.

“Let nobody tell you what to do! You’ve got to live your life and see it through. Keep on livin’ the way you are. Just to know love will make you a star,” wrote Van Opstal.

“Just be yourself. You’ve got to be yourself. And no one else,” he added.

Van Opstal recently made headlines when he posted a photo of him and another man, who is kissing him. The internet reacted saying that he is gay but it is just his older brother, Christopher.

He clarified in on a question on his Instagram stories, saying that he still considered himself “straight.”