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Baka Maputulan ng Paa! UFC fighter Chris Weidman talks about ‘worst-case scenario’ on his injured leg


UFC fighter Chris Weidman talked about the “worst-case scenario” from his brutal leg injury that he sustained on April 25 against Uriah Hall.

“Worst-case scenario is that the blood supply doesn’t come back to my bone and doesn’t take, which would mean possible amputation,” Weidman said on Instagram Live.

This wasn’t the first time that Weidman almost got his thumb surgically removed in 2017 when he got injured against Kelvin Gastelum.

”I had a surgery for a ligament that tore after throwing a left hook on him and then about eight weeks after surgery they realised that the blood supply to that bone, it was such a concussive shot that the blood supply wasn’t coming back,” he said.

Weidman is currently recovering from his surgery, and the chances of him getting amputated is not that high.

But that’s just a possibility. I’ve spoken to a doctor about it. Tibias have the worst percentages of taking and healing properly after surgery. It’s not a bad percentage, it’s like five per cent. So that’s scary.”