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Bawian Mo Si Jokic! Rajon Rondo motivated Anthony Davis to hit game-winning triple


The game-winning three at the buzzer by Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis became possible all thanks to Rajon Rondo’s 13-word messages.

Technically, it was Rondo who had the final inbound and perfectly found AD to hit the final shot of the game.

But according to Playoff Faigen of SB Nation, it was this assist from Rondo that fueled Davis to knock down a cold-blooded triple after Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic converted a go-ahead basket in the team’s final possession.

“That’s all right, he scored on you. Now you go get it back.” Rondo told Davis right before his game-winner.

Playoff Rondo does not only activate on the court, but also off the court due to his leadership.