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BI goes after Papi Sarr after shouting at Adamson Falcons sports director


The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Friday said it will look into the incident involving a Cameroonian student-athlete Papi Sarr at the Adamson University who allegedly assaulted a school official.

“While this is mainly a police matter, we will be looking into the incident to see if there was any immigration violation committed,” BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval said in an interview.

Sandoval, however, said it was still “too early to tell” whether they would coordinate with the school to check immigration records of Papi Sarr, a former player of the Adamson Soaring Falcons.

Reports said Sarr, 24, threatened and shouted at the victim, Fr. Aldrin Suan, 50, director of the university’s athletics and recreation office on Thursday.

This came after Sarr was dismissed as a student-athlete due to various violations of university rules and regulations.

Sarr was arrested and is under the custody of the Manila Police District. He is facing charges for unjust vexation and light threats.

He played for Adamson at the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) for five years.