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Biased ba? Find Out Chris Paul’s standing when Scott Foster officiates playoff games


Chris Paul was so close in claiming his first-ever NBA title with the Phoenix Suns.

But when Scott Foster was tasked as one of the officials of Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Paul and the rest of the Suns’ championship chance just blew right out of the window.

What’s the deal with Foster and Paul anyway? Well, this stats may shock you.

Prior to Game 6 of Bucks vs Suns, CP3 has not won 11 straight playoff games when Foster is assigned as one of game’s referee.

It also just so happened that Foster also officiated Game 6, and the Bucks would take home the win and the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Malas ba talaga? Well, numbers don’t lie.

It is no secret that Paul and Foster have beef against each other, but the fact that the referee has been involved in star point guard’s crucial playoff loss tells a lot about their relationship with each other.