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Blazers’ Damian Lillard’s mindset for Game 7: give it everything he’s got for ‘all the marbles’


Damian Lillard was on fire once again as he led the Portland Trail Blazers to even the series 3-3 and extend the match into Game 7 after beating the Denver Nuggets 119-108 on Friday (Manila time). With the help of CJ McCollum, the two dominated the game and kept the hopes of their team and fans alive for them to reach the finals of Western Conference.

In the previous couple of games, Lillard wasn’t that much explosive, a contributing factor to why they both lost them. Today, he buried 32 points, three rebounds and five assists in more than 36 minutes he played. Dame Time has never come in the most opportune time for the Trail Blazers.

“I think over the course of the series, at least after Game 1, I just haven’t seen the ball go in consistently enough,” Lillard said. “My job is to stay aggressive, keep doing what I do, and tonight, shots fell.”

McCollum also was a big factor for their win as he scored 30 points, six rebounds and three assists together with Rodney Hood’s 25-point game output.

Everybody has always been on the lookout for Dame Time, and even though it doesn’t always come, Lillard remained steadfast and kept trying for, a proof that he is playing as hard as he can to lead the Blazers into victory.

“I just stayed with it,” Lillard told ESPN of fighting through shooting struggles. “Sometimes as a shooter you go through stretches where the shot’s just not falling. I try not to be one of those guys that starts searching, start making it more difficult than it is.”

However, Lillard will have to wade into a new, unexplored territory as he has never played a Game 7 in his career. This might be a trying thing for him, but his mindset is on track to go all out for the game.

“It’s basically a game where only one team is going to make it out,” he said. “It’s your last opportunity to play, so facing elimination is what it is to me, and that’s going to be my approach, just like it was tonight. The only thing is that it’s going to be on the road. It’s for our season. All the marbles.” (Janiel Abby Toralba)