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Bo Perasol urges UP community to unite for championship bid


UP head coach Bo Perasol finally addressed the huge elephant in the room during the much-anticipated duel against Ateneo, while also urging the whole community to stand with the team.

“I know that there are those who are unconditionally behind me as coach regarding my behavior during the UP-Ateneo game and many who are cursing me to high heavens for my fighting stance, to the point that I ended up being ejected,” he said.

“More than any true-blooded Isko or Iska, I as coach expect so much from this present lineup. I am, as coach, in charge of what the players will ever become at the end of the season, as champions or mere contenders with nothing to show for despite the huge build-up we made.”

Perasol made waves for all the wrong reasons when he stormed out of the court to confront one UAAP referee with 6:23 remaining in the third period.

The rest of the Maroon gang were never able to recover from that incident, as Ateneo just proved that they are still the league’s top dog this season.

“It’s about time that we all realize the fact that the UP Men’s Basketball Team will never be champions simply because we are all cheering for them, praising them for the wins, but bashing them to no end for not beating their opponents,” said Coach Bo.

The pressure for Perasol reached an all-time high when aside from reaching the Finals last year for the first time in 32 years, the arrival Kobe Paras and Ricci Rivero just solidified their status as a championship contender.

Although the Fighting Maroons are sitting pretty at the second spot heading into the second round, Perasol previously mentioned in his past few games that he and the squad are still having a hard time adjusting to “ball-dominant” players.

This dilemma somehow reflected during the 63-89 beatdown from Ateneo.

All is not yet lost for the UP squad, as they ready to move on from the first round.

“The season is not lost just because we lost our last game. Definitely, we are not yet done with Season 82 due to my ejection over what I view as both poor and biased officiating. I paid the price for my reaction by not being able to coach the rest of the game. I do need to do better when confronted with a similar situation,” Perasol assured.

Perasol even raised the stake by putting his coaching job on the line, should he not bring back the crown to Diliman.

“I coach not only for myself or for my players, but for the entire UP community who were watching the game live at the Araneta Coliseum or at their homes. I know that if I do not deliver now and go all the way in Season 82, then I have no business being at the bench of the UP Maroons any minute longer,” he stated.

“Should this not happen and if I fall terribly short, then, and only then, that you can blame it on me and the buck stops at me.

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Posted by UP Men's Basketball Team on Sunday, 29 September 2019