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Bright Akhuetie commends Paul Desiderio’s sacrifice


Bright Akhuetie may have won the Season 81 MVP award, but it was Paul Desiderio who become the team’s most valuable asset.

The former Season 79 Mythical Team member had to sacrifice his production and touches just to pave the way for the rise of the Nigerian bruiser, as well as UP’s emerging star Juan Gomez De Liaño.

“I want to thank Paul because he did a really great job for all of this to happen,” said Akhuetie after receiving his awards on Wednesday.

“He used to be the man of the team so for him to step down and to get everybody involved was huge,” he added.

Desiderio’s sacrifice really paid off for UP — aside from the Mythical selection of Akhuetie and Gomez De Liaño, the whole Maroons squad are also fighting for the UAAP crown for the first time in 32 years.

For Akhuetie, he thought that Desiderio deserves to be in the Mythical team this season.

“Sayang no, he didn’t make it to the Mythical Five, but he did great,” Akhuetie mentioned.

Nonetheless, Desiderio’s was able to achieve his goal of reaching in the Finals.