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Brownlee roots for Parks to join Ginebra


Sending some love to his Alab Pilipinas teammate, Justin Brownlee gives a nod to Ray Parks efforts as he was awarded the best local player of the week in the ABL.

Brownlee came to the team with Renaldo Balkman and since then, the team went from win-less to having the third best record in the league winning 8 of their last 9 games.

Aside from the two imports carrying much of the load, there was Ray Parks who serves as one of the team’s scoring threats and was one of the main reason for Alab’s continuing success.

“Man, he is phenomenal, definitely one of the best young players out here in the Philippines,” said Brownlee.

Knowing that one day Parks will enter the PBA ranks, Brownlee hopes that Alab’s versatile swingman will join him in Ginebra.

“He got a bright future, bright potential and hopefully one day he could be with the Gin Kings,” Brownlee said. “Great guy, great person, great guy to play with.”

With no clear path yet if Parks will enter the 2018 PBA draft, Brownlee believes that his teammate will flourish in whatever he decides on in his basketball career.

“He is PBA ready now if you ask me. I think he just enjoys playing with Alab and probably trying where he want to go next. It is up to him, he got a decision to make to stay in this league and go to the PBA.

Wherever he plays, he has a bright future.”