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Butler doesn’t see James declining just yet


Two-time NBA All-Star Caron Butler is in Manila to help the NBA expand their partnerships and their basketball ambassador.

During his prime, he battled with a young LeBron James that was just trying to make his mark in the NBA. It can be recalled that he was assigned to contain James during their exciting NBA playoff battles as a Washinton Wizard.

Furthermore, he went to the Dallas Mavericks and faced a Miami Heat with the newly-formed big three of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and beating them in the 2011 NBA Finals.

Now that he is retired, Butler saw the evolution of King James and he thinks that there is no decline on sight yet for the arguably best basketball player in the world.

“He is still the same. No drop off. He has only gotten better on a physical standpoint – from an intellectual standpoint. His basketball IQ is superb. He is a guy that takes care of his temple meaning his body. It is amazing just to see so many finals appearances, so many Olympic runs and excels to get better. He has no decline factor… nowhere there.”

More so, he feels James has still a lot to bring to the table and will achieve more when everything is said and done.

“He has continued to progress. It is like he continued to move forward and progress. I think he is a once in a lifetime generation type player and talent. I look forward to see him from years to come.”

Butler played for 14 NBA seasons and had a career average of 14.1 points and 5 rebounds per game.