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Caguioa, willing to lend P5M to Helterband


The Fast and Furious tandem, or friendship, of Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Heltebrand have been solid on and off the court.

Both Ginebra legends appeared on a Youtube video on Rec.Create channel, where both if them participated in a lie detector challenge. Whoever lies in answering the question must take a shot of Primera Light Brandy.

Jayjay did not hesitate to ask Caguioa if he is willing to lend him five million pesos, in case the former needed some cash.

“P5 million? That’s a lot! But I would though you know,” Caguioa said, as the lie detector machine proved that he wasn’t lying at all.

Heltebrand also said that he would not hesitate to give ‘The Spark’ some money, and even his kidney for his friend.