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Can two-time UAAP MVP Ben Mbala strut his wares in the PBA?


By Mark Patriarca

To those who may have forgotten, Ben Mbala dominated the UAAP for two seasons, reaping two MVP awards as the rest of the league were unable to match his strength and talent.

After leaving La Salle, the 6’8″ Cameroonian went to the Mexican League where he played for Fuerza Regia for just a month before moving to France to play for Chorale Roanne in the French second-division.

Mbala’s globe-trotting exploits will once again take a sudden turn as he is reportedly bound to play for the Seoul Samsung Thunders in the Korean Basketball League.

The 23-year-old has also worn the Cameroonian flag in the FIBA World Cup African Qualifiers where he emerged as the team’s most outstanding players. He averaged 13.7 points and four rebounds per game, while helping Cameroon advance to the second round of the African qualifiers.

Mbala was indeed the most dominant reinforcement the local collegiate basketball has ever seen. And now that he’s set to play in Korea — where several PBA imports once seen action — can he soon find his way back to the Philippines?

A number of PBA imports who took a tour of duty in Seoul were Vernon Macklin, Ricardo Ratliffe, Charles Rhodes and Marqus Blakely.

It might not be long until Mbala also finds himself in the Philippine basketball circuit one day.