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Celtics coach Brad Stevens acknowledges Kyrie Irving’s heroics


Though the Boston Celtics have seen the end of their mini winning streak in a 115-140 loss against Los Angeles Clippers Tuesday (Manila time), they have been successful in the three games they played on the road. Head coach Brad Stevens gave much deserved credits to Kyrie Irving for leading the team to their victories.

Stevens knew that Irving is the key player of his team and it affects the others when he is not on rhythm.

“We take a lot from Kyrie, but we owe a lot from Kyrie,” Stevens told Jared Greenberg of NBA TV.

The Celtics coach however clarified that though Irving’s mentality lifts up the team’s spirits, it’s still takes the whole team’s efforts to actually win games.

“I think everybody’s leadership impacts it [winning],” he added, “It’s never about one person. It’s about all of us, it’s about the team.”

He also shared that it’s the Celtics’ job to come up strong, play as one, and have that winning mentality whenever they play.

“I think everybody has that opportunity everyday. We all go into a room everyday, and we decide whether to raise it, keep it the same, or lower it. And ultimately, it’s all of our jobs to raise it.”

As the Celtics are having the winning momentum on their side, they should utilize each other strengths and not rely too much on Irving. Guys like Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown need to step up their game as well if they want to achieve their goal of besting the championship. (Janiel Abby Toralba)