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Cha Cruz-Behag Lives for the Best ‘MOM’ents


Just appreciating motherhood isn’t enough.

Cha Cruz-Behag shares her photo with her son Sol on Instagram. Mrs. Everything reflects about motherhood, expressing how she cherishes her son as a blessing, as she tries to equip herself with the things she needed to know on being a first time mom.

However, Cruz-Behag said that actual experiences will always be the best teacher as she get to deal with sleepless nights, hormonal changes, and exhausting chores all at the same time.

But looking at Sol and how adorable he is, the volleybelle feels every pain, hardships and sacrifices are all worth it.

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My son, @solcruzbehag , is truly a blessing. Before giving birth, I tried to equip myself with things I needed to know about being a first time mom. But as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Moms may share similar situations, but each one has different stories to tell, from sleepless nights to hormonal changes to exhausting chores. Things may have been more difficult if I didn’t prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Looking at Sol now, I feel very blessed that he is healthy. Preparing myself not just helped me, but him as well. Good thing I was able to do my workout, eat nutritious food and drink Anmum. Taking this milk supplement provided me and my baby the complete maternal nutrition during my pregnancy. So I’m calling soon-to-be mommies out there to choose the right nutrition partner during this important stage of our lives – choose Anmum and let’s fight against Maternal Nutrient Deficiency! #MumsAgainstMND #FightMaternalNutrientDeficiency 💜

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