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Chanelle Molina speaks up after getting waived by Indiana Fevers


Chanelle Molina’s WNBA dream was cut short after the Indiana Fevers waived her just a couple of days after the training camp started due to her ankle injury.

The US-based Filipina cager finally broke her silence on social media, thanking the Fevers for giving her the opportunity to prove herself that she could be the first Filipina to enter the WNBA.

“Of course I wad disappointed and frustrated that I was not able to compete to the best of my abilities,” Molina wrote. “It took a while for me to understand that this is God’s way of telling me that it’s not my time just yet.”

The 22-year old is currently in Hawaii to recover from her ankle injury.

“As bad as I want to get back on the court, I realize that I need to stay patient and trust the process so that I can come back 100%.”