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Charles Barkley bets on Trail Blazers for NBA Finals


Legendary Charles Barkley has expressed yet another bold statement on TNT claiming that the Portland Trail Blazers will be in the NBA Finals this year.

The commentator confidently declared in NBA on TNT, “Put it on the board, the Portland Trail Blazers are going to the finals!”

The verbose Barkley is known for stubbornly not siding with reigning champions Golden State Warriors. In 2015, he insisted that jump-shooting teams don’t win championships but the Warriors proved him wrong. Following that year, he picked the Oklahoma City Thunder but Golden State beat them in the Western Conference Finals.

Now, Barkley has entrusted the Portland Trail Blazers to win the Western Conference and represent in the NBA Finals. What’s more interesting is that he didn’t place his bet with Houston Rockets or Oklahoma City Thunder, who both have more chances withstanding against the Warriors. Perhaps one of Barkley’s reasons why he chose the Blazers was because back in 2016, the two teams battled out in a close five-game series, and the Blazers are not an easy team to contend with for the Warriors.

As for now, it will be a highly competitive all-out war in the West trying to secure their seats at the top eight seeds or maintain their comfortable positions in the conference standings. (Janiel Abby Toralba)