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Charo Soriano on political entry: As athletes we want to make a difference


Former Ateneo de Manila University Lady Eagles volleybelle Charo Soriano said her decision to file her certificate of candidacy as a councilor in Tuguegarao was made several years ago.

According to Soriano, it was her own decision to throw her hat into politics and was not forced by her parents. Her father was a known politician in Tuguegarao.

“As athletes, we want to really make a difference,” Soriano said in an interview with CNN Philippines’ Sports Desk on Wednesday morning. “A lot of the personality and character that I have is because I was an athlete.”

“My parents didn’t force me to do something that I don’t want. It’s been several years that I’ve been thinking about ways on how to help,” she added.

Soriano also said that, if ever she gets elected as councilor, one of the things that she would focus on will be livelihood programs for women and children in Tuguegarao.

“At the same time, I also want to focus on grassroots initiatives for education. Maraming tao ang tumutulong sa akin. I’m very blessed to have those people,” Soriano said.