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‘Chick Boy’ Roach says winning mega bout more important than women


MANNY Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach says winning the upcoming mega fight against pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather is more important that winning back his girlfriend for three years.

“I believe Manny can win this fight. I kind of have to win this fight. I’ve been talking a lot. It’s more important than anything to me,” said the Hall of Fame boxing coach, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“It’s more important to me than getting my girlfriend, Maya, back. It’s that big because, I mean, I really like this girl,” confessed the 55-year-old Roach.

“Like” may be an understatement, given the lengths that he has reportedly gone through to please Maya, who is a doctor. For example, Roach had bought her earrings that cost roughly P1 million each.

“My mother told me, ‘You must like her; you put her Christmas tree up for her, you bought her a car and those earrings you bought her cost £14,000 each,'” recounted the Wild Card Boxing Club owner.

“After this fight maybe I’ll try to get her back,” pondered Roach, who has Parkinson’s disease.

They parted ways just before the build up to the Mayweather fight, which is being called the biggest and richest in all of boxing.

Roach, who admits to having “a lot of girls” in the past, describes his ex Maya as different from the rest; she understood the demands of his work more.

“I have had a lot of girlfriends and I have had a lot of girls leave because I always choose boxing over them. They are always second to boxing and that is just the way it goes. Maya handled it pretty well. She didn’t come to my fights. I didn’t go to her hospital,” he said.

Roach bared that he regrets not having kids in past relationships, but he did say that his prized Filipino ward Pacquiao is like a son to him. (Randy K. Ortega)