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Chloe Cortez Harassed by Online Perv


Why do internet trolls and perverts harass women online? This needs to stop. It’s disgusting.

On Twitter, Chloe Cortez shared a screenshot of the messages sent by a troll and captioned her post with, “filed under: men are trash. maputulan ka sana ng interenet hayop ka HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Cortez already blocked the said follower, but the damage has been done to her confidence.

“I posted those photos bc at that moment I felt good about my body. I didn’t post it for anyone. I wasn’t asking for it. I didn’t want anyone’s approval. I did it for MYSELF. But again, i have no control on what ppl decide to do with my photos,” says the volleybelle on her tweets.

For most trolls and online perverts, trolling and harassing are just pranks where they make provocative and malicious comments or send lewd messages with the intent of creating emotional responses.