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Chris Paul focuses on the games and not on the standings


Despite the Houston Rockets snatch their 6th winning streak after defeating the Toronto Raptors today (Manila time) 107-95, veteran guard Chris Paul reminded his team to remain fixated on their plays and to not get carried away by their current standing.

“We can’t pay attention to it. We have to stay focused on how we’re playing,” CP3 himself said, per Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

“We’ve been saying that ever since early in the season when we were 11-14 and we were the Bad News Bears, everybody was talking about. For us, it’s about how we’re playing. I guess it’s nice to be tied for third, but it’s more about how we’re playing.”

The Rockets have been one of the toughest teams to beat so far in the league, as they have plenty of shooters and defensive players. Coach Mike D’Antoni’s offensive strategies seem to be working well, and with two Hall of Fame point guards making dangerous plays, the Rockets are now tied with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Oklahoma City Thunder for the third place in the Western Conference.

With a 39-25 win-loss record, the Rockets would want to maintain their victory momentum and extend their longest streak of the season before they battle in the upcoming playoffs. (Janiel Abby Toralba)