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Chris Tiu’s grandfather celebrates 97th birthday, utters wise words about life


Chris Tiu’s grandfather, Alandy Dy, is living the good life for over 90 years already.

On Instagram, the Rain or Shine veteran shared his experience about their grandfather’s birthday celebration.

Aside from sharing his lolo’s rich past, Tiu was able to receive some wise words as well.

“Don’t work too hard! Why need to to earn so much money? What will you do if you have poor health?,” said Tiu.

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Yesterday we celebrated a milestone, my grandpa Luis’ 97th birthday! He’s my mom’s father and is from Tayabas, Quezon (where I am right now incidentally). He grew up in Lucena then he went to Manila to study in UP for high school and then later finished medicine in UST and became a doctor. They say I got my basketball genes from him because he was also part of the varsity team , where they gave him the monicker “vitamin Dy” (last name is Alandy Dy). I remember some of his stories, especially the war atrocities they had to endure from the brutality of the Japanese soldiers. We really are lucky to be living in this era. His advise to me all the time is one that is unusual coming from a Filipino-Chinese. “Don’t work too hard! Why need to earn so much money? What will you do if you have poor health?…” I guess this is why we are still able to celebrate his 97th. Happy birthday Grandpa Luis! 🎂

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