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Coach Topex expressed concern for injured Kevin Racal


Despite playing in different franchise, Phoenix Super LPG head coach Topex Robinson dedicated the team’s win on Thursday to injured Alaska forward Kevin Racal.

According to MRI, Racal suffered an ACL during the season opener of the Philippine Cup.

Upon hearing the news, Robinson and the rest of the Phoenix decided to offer their 110-105 win against Northport to Racal.

“We dedicated this game to him (Racal) because he’s one of us,” said the Phoenix tactician.

Racal used to play for Robinson back when the mentor was still part of Alaska’s coaching staff.

For Coach Topex, this is bigger than basketball already especially that they are all playing inside the bubble for a couple of months.

We’re now playing for something bigger than ourselves. We’re playing for the nation and this is the best time to exemplify that. Ang dami naming opportunity to influence others talaga because of what’s happening right now,” he said.

“We’re using this platform to really be of service to other and that’s fulfillment for us.”