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Dahil Nahawa! Donovan Mitchell frustrated with Rudy Gobert for taking COVID issue lightly


Donovan Mitchell is reportedly “extremely frustrated” with Jazz teammate Rudy Gobert after he was also infected by the coronavirus.

According to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Mitchell was irate that Gobert took the COVID-19 issue lightly by holding the microphones and digital recorders of the reporters, as well as joking around in the locker room.

Only the two star Jazz players were infected with coronavirus, which caused the NBA to suspend games for at least 30 days.

“Mitchell is ‘extremely frustrated’ with Gobert, league sources told In an Instagram post, Mitchell said of coronavirus ‘hopefully people can continue to educate themselves and realize that they need to behave responsibly both for their own health and for the well being of those around them,'” Mannix wrote.

How Mitchell responds when play resumes could make or break their relationship, sources familiar with the locker room dynamic told