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Dani Ravena Claps Back at Haters – ‘SO MANY DUMB PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH’


Emotions really soared high during the totally intense Barangay Ginebra-TNT Finals!

We’ve seen how Coach Tim Cone and the Kings turned the tables in the nick of time with a 92-90 win over Coach Bong Ravena and the Tropang Giga, overhauling a 15-point deficit in what was supposed to be 1-1 series.

In a series of tweets, Dani Ravena just can’t help but to react towards her bashers and Barangay Ginebra fans who commented with their harsh replies.

Eventually, the Ateneo volleybelle tweeted, “SO MANY DUMB PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH PLS GET OUT TNX.”

To end the arguments that went overboard, Ravena finished her retaliation with these closing statements.