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Did Kobe Paras just fat-shames a basher?


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

A basher called Kobe Paras as a “feelingero” because according to the Twitter user, Paras is not as good as he think he is. Moreover, the basher also said that Kobe just have a ‘name’ because of the legacy of his PBA legend dad, Benjie Paras.

As a retort, Paras gave the basher a dose of his own medicine by replying with, “Mr. potato looking ass boi”

When the basher asked the cager if that’s all he can say, Paras retaliated by particularly pointing out that the guy is so fat – he doesn’t have a neck.


The basher then tell Paras that he should just prove himself first, but Paras continued his insults and claimed the basher looks like the male version of “Mrs. Puff.”

With all these name-calling controversies circling the social media, can this actually be a good burn to the basher or to the basketball prodigy?