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Did Terrence Romeo just flash his ‘wedding’ ring?


While Terrence Romeo carelessly flashes a ring in an Instagram video, it definitely bothered his fangirls on IG, wondering if he secretly got married to his mysterious fiancée.

Romeo took onto Instagram to thank the Cebuanos who gave their warm welcome and support in the PBA Visayas All-Stars. The cager uploaded a video of him with some fans joyfully cheering behind his back:

It was just another ordinary IG video when some netizens noticed a new white gold ring on the fourth finger of the GlobalPort BatangPier star – which appeared to look like a wedding ring to some fans:

shaneclngsn: Tama ba yung nakita kong may suot na singsing si terr?


dale_cabigtingggIdol: kinasal kanangaba? Pede munaba I mention sa publiko.

Rennamaequiniquito: The wedding ring yeah….❤,congratulations My Dear Happy for you…..

jeantot91: Agoy! Kasakit ba sa mata anang imong singsing love uy!😂 makasakit kaayo ug kasingkasing ay!💔😭 pero love gihapon teka @tbvrome07 bisag minyo na ka 😍😘 amping pirme dong 😘😘😘

cutiecathy26: I think true nga na ur married na coz i saw a ring ouch it hurts 😭😭😭💔💔💔 but still ur my idol and ultimate crush @tbvrome07 and i’m happy for you,hope we’re going to see her soon.🤗 You’re soooooo pogi tlga!!!!🤗😍😍😍😘😘😘👍💖💕

viceralownsme: congrats kuya @tbvrome07 best wishes and sa girl. 😊

Romeo has been notoriously private when it comes to his love life, so fans just gotta ask!