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Diego Dario defends Ricci Rivero’s prayer on controversial vid


UP Fighting Maroon Diego Dario defends his new teammate, Ricci Rivero, after the latter shouted at a fan before praying at a nearby cross.

It appears to some netizens that Rivero allegedly moved towards the crucifix in the dugout after noticing that his untoward actions were recorded in a video.

But Dario testifies that it has always been a habit for Rivero to go straight to the cross at the dugout, before and after every game.

He also defends the new UP recruit’s action by stating that everyone, including Dario himself, gets frustrated at some point – just like any other players.

A few days ago, a female fan approached Gilas Cadet at the dugout for a selfie right after a tough loss at the Filoil Flying V Preseason Cup which led to the controversial shouting incident involving Rivero.