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Dindin Santiago-Manabat Shares the Downside of Playing Overseas


“Yung ininterview ka tas di ka talagang masyadong marunong mag English,” is just one in Dindin Santiago-Manabat’s list.

While most people will say that playing in an international league has definitely more pros than cons, there are still some things that an athlete like Santiago-Manabat wishes to handle better.

Of course there is the language barrier:

Since she’s far away from home, her family, and local fans; the newly-recruited Aqua Fairy needs to be her own cheerleader in Japan:

…and own doctor, too!

Lastly, she’ll also need a Google Translator to appreciate this post:

But all in all, it’ll surely be a whole lot of fun, hard work, learning and dedication for a talented player like her to be part of a team in another country.