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Don’t Sleep on Javi GDL


All eyes were glued on Kobe Paras, Ricci Rivero, Juan Gomez De Lianp, Bright Akhuetie, and Jun Manzo.

However, most fans were still missing out on this member of UP’s Super Six – it is none other than Javi Gomez De Liano.

Indeed, the 20-year-old forward came out on a mission on Wednesday as he exploded off the bench with 22 points (10-of-16 shooting clip) in a 61-55 win against FEU on Wednesday.

Just by watching the fourth-year veteran play, he seemed to be much more explosive and agile all throughout the game – and it’s all thanks to his commitment to improve his physical shape.

“It was really a goal for me to be more fit. In January or February, I noticed kasi talaga na I was really overweight and that really affected my game,” Javi said.

“I was really slow. I wasn’t making my shots. That’s why I had to discipline myself, have a good diet, eat healthy, and of course, work out.”

More than his commitment on his body, it was Javi’s mentality coming through this season that allowed him to unleash his leadership skills.

Although the older GDL is expected to lead UP’s bench mob, he believes that everyone could step up at any given time.

“We’re all leaders in the bench. Whenever coach [Bo] chooses one of us from the bench, we just step up,” he quipped.

Indeed, Javi GDL is the real deal!