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‘Douanga over Sarr’ as Adamson coach Franz Pumaren makes right decision


Lenda Douanga from out of nowhere!

The Congo center had the nerves of a steel for the Soaring Falcons, as he carried the team slither past NU Bulldogs, 84-83, with his go-ahead triple on Saturday.

Unlike the Falcons’ previous game against Ateneo, the Congo center rose to the occasion at the crunch time where he looked composed and confident in burying his shots.

“Look at his performance right now, he looked so relaxed and I guess he really delivered. He can help us on both ends of the floor right now,” said Pumaren.

The 21-year-old Douanga finished with a monster double-double of 26 points and 19 rebounds, and he was also responsible for stretching the game into overtime with his go-ahead basket, and of course an improbable three-point shot at the buzzer that gave Adamson their first win of the season.

Pumaren also admitted that he had to replace veteran Papi Sarr for Douanga for rebuilding purposes, and it seems that he just made the right choice.

“Papi has just one more year and we’re very thankful for all his services, for all his contributions. But with Lenda, we still have four more years after this,” Pumaren explained.

“But it showed tonight, he had a monster game with 26 points and 19 rebounds, it showed probably why we chose him over Papi.”

Indeed, Pumaren is happy with his decision to replace Douanga over Sarr.