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Dub nation dismayed with GSW coach Steve Kerr after ugly loss vs Rockets


After the announcement that superstar James Harden will be sitting out for the Warriors-Rockets match, everybody thought that it would be an easy win for the Golden State Warriors.

One would think that Harden’s absence due to a cervical strain in the neck and flu-like symptoms and the fact that the Houston Rockets beat them by 1 point the last time they played at the Oracle Arena would make the Warriors hungry for revenge, but they delivered a seriously disappointing and sloppy game today (Manila time).

First, Draymond Green went down and didn’t come back after stepping on teammate DeMarcus Cousins’ foot with just under nine minutes left in the fourth quarter. Fans on Twitter mocked head coach Steve Kerr’s delayed reaction, even when Green was right in front of him and the Warriors’ bench, going down in serious pain.

One fan tweeted, “How does Steve Kerr not notice one of his star players writhing in agony?” Another joked, “*whispers* He doesn’t care about Draymond.” This fan claimed in his tweet, “Lmao Draymond is so insufferable his own coach could not be bothered.”

Next, the Warriors’ performance tonight was clearly not one of their best, and the NBA media couldn’t help but criticize their plays. The Rockets took advantage of GSW’s slow start, and by the end of the first quarter, they were already ahead by 12 points. Perhaps it’s due to the All-Star starting five of the Warriors struggling to find a consistent rhythm, or the fact that Cousins is frustrated over his post-injury rehab process and other issues, but these things should have been anticipated by the head coach and had back-up plays ready to throw against these challenges.

ESPN reporter Nick Friedell tweeted, ” A poor performance from the Warriors here tonight. They let their foot off the gas when Harden was ruled out and went through the motions for way too many stretches. When they tried to turn it on — it was too late.”

To be fair, one has to admire Kerr’s sense of responsibility after he pulled a Brad Stevens move and shouldered the blame for the Warriors’ sluggish post-break form. As per The Mercury News’ Mark Medina, Steve Kerr was “pointing finger at himself for not getting the guys ready to play. Says Warriors have been sluggish in two games since the All-Star break.” The head coach took it to himself to immediately update the media regarding Green’s injury, putting fans’ concerns to rest. “I talked to Draymond briefly and he said he thought he sprained the same one early in the game,” Kerr said. “A little tweak. We’ll see. I don’t think it’s a really serious injury, but we’ll have an update (Sunday) I guess.”

The coach also defended DeMarcus Cousins’ performance, saying, “Sure, he’s frustrated. Think about what DeMarcus has been through with the yearlong injury and the frustrating free agency. So, it’s not an easy thing, a very difficult injury to come back from. After the first couple weeks, the excitement, the adrenaline, the wear and tear begins, and that’s where you really got to be able to rely on execution. So, we’ll work with him. He can do better; he knows that.”

Steve Kerr clearly expects the best of his team, and it was with him that the Warriors held three NBA Championships. Though the Rockets prevailed today at 118-112, the Warriors still stand as the top seed of the Western Conference with a win-loss record of 42-17. Fans are hoping that the Warriors will get back up on their feet as they face the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday (Manila time). (Janiel Abby Toralba)