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Dwyane Wade believes Jimmy Butler has to adapt with the 76ers


With the Philadelphia 76ers’ lineup getting star-studded this season, Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade shares his opinion on how Jimmy Butler should play and fit in to his team.

Butler has been the main guy for his former teams Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves, and before the trade, Butler had the third-highest usage rate in the Sixers. However, since the acquisition of Tobias Harris from the LA Clippers, his offensive roles has reduced drastically and now his usage rate dropped to the seventh.

Butler may have been unhappy with his new role, but Wade thinks that this strategy makes sense.

“It’s different now,” DWade told Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports. “When I played with him with the Bulls, he was the man. He was a young guy coming up, had some success, he’s an All-Star. He was ‘The Guy’. Here, they got a lot of guys, so he has to play that plug.

“And then he has that opportunity like you see where they just let him go. He has to play that game. You can’t come to a team like this and expect to play your same game. Tobias Harris, you know? You have to find a way to spot greatness in spot moments. Chicago … it was a lot of young guys and Jimmy had to be a guy who did it every night for us.”

Since his arrival in Philadelphia, Butler gave the team an efficient fourth-quarter closer. He’s the Sixer’s best perimeter defender and a logical ball-handler. He may not be as good of a three-pointer as Tobias Harris or a great playmaker as Ben Simmons, but he is the fourth in steals per game in the league. Letting his teammates shine in the spotlight may not be an ideal thing for someone who is used to it, but the only way for the Sixers to be a stable, contending team is for its players to know their roles and put the team above individual glory. (Janiel Abby Toralba)