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Dwyane Wade respects the 2017 NBA draft


Clearly, the 2003 NBA draft are among the best in the draft history.

It produced All-Stars, All-NBA team players and future Hall-of-famers like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Chris Kaman, David West, Josh Howard, Mo Williams, and Kyle Korver.

Dwayne Wade answers a question from a Twitter user which reads, “@DwyaneWade who’s your favorite rookie so far ?”

To which Wade replied with, “I’m a fan of most. This may be a special draft class like 03👀. It’s hard to pick favorites at this point but Zo,Fox,Jackson,Tatum,D.Smith”

Wade follows it up with “Idk how I forgot the number 1 pick but Fultz as well”

Seems legit?

We should hope that’s this is definitely legit so that we can still experience a promising league for the years to come.