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‘EAGLE-fonso’ Dave Ildefonso officially announces Ateneo return


It’s official! Dave Ildefonso is making his comeback with the Blue Eagles.

After a two-year stint with the NU Bulldogs, the former Blue Eaglet standout finally confirmed his return in Ateneo by officially announcing it on his Twitter account.

“I have made a decision to return to Ateneo to continue my basketball journey,” Ildefonso wrote.

“My biggest basketball dream has always been to represent the country in major international meets and I feel that this is the best path to that fulfillment of my dream,” the Gilas cadet added.

Numerous reports already circulated on social media that Dave has decided to switch sides after his father, Danny, was axed from the NU coaching staff by newly-hired head coach Goldwyn Monteverde.

Still, Dave has been nothing but grateful to the NU community, as well, for the opportunity that was given to him.

“I would also like to thank the NU community for welcoming me with open arms and for allowing me to represent the school,” he said.

“A big part of my heart will always belong to the Bulldogs and the NU supporters who were with me and the team through the toughest of times.”

Ildefonso became a rising star in NU after he averaged 17.1 points and 5.8 rebounds per game in Season 82, but his production wasn’t enough for him to salvage NU from finishing dead last at the standings with a 2-12 record.