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‘Efficiency over Stats’ as Ateneo coach Tab Baldwin praises William Navarro’s productivity


Ateneo Blue Eagles played a stifling defense against FEU Tamaraws, which eventually led to a 63-46 victory on Saturday.

After the game, Ateneo head coach Tab Baldwin brought the two-time Finals MVP Thirdy Ravena to give his thoughts on his double-double performance of 12 points and 10 rebounds.

However, the American-Kiwi mentor also wanted William Navarro to talk to the press as well.

This is where Baldwin gave a lecture about efficiency.

“I just like to say the reason I asked Will to come and I think that this is this should be a lesson for all of you people who watch the game is you look at that stat sheet and everybody their eyes go to points and rebounds and assists and that’s a huge mistake,” he explained.

The former San Beda Red Lion standout only tallied four points, seven rebounds and a steal in the game, but it was his season-high plus 30 rating that created a huge impact for the team.

“Look at that stat sheet and go to the efficiency and Will’s plus-30 in this game. And the reason he’s plus-30 and the reason that I asked him to be here today is that he understands the little things that have to be done, and they’re the things that make the team play better,” Baldwin said.

Navarro’s switchability on the defensive from point guard to center allowed the Blue Eagles to cultivate a huge lead all throughout the warfare.

“Let me give you an example. Early in the first half, you know, of course, the game was still close. Maybe we were up 5-0 or something like that. We had a play where Will switched on to [L-Jay] Gonzales. “Now most people would think that’s a prime attacking opportunity for Gonzales, but the way that will is playing right now, with his length, his footwork, speed, and his confidence, he won that battle that one-on-one battle on that possession,” Baldwin shared.

“With his denial defense, and his switching defense, and rebounding and then he blocks [Patrick] T’chuente’s shot at the end of the game, all of those things mean that the other team isn’t putting points on the board.”

For the record, Navarro limited FEU guard Gonzales to just six points while center T’chuente only had a point on the stat sheets.

For the 6-foot-5 Navarro, he embraces his job as a role player for the Ateneo.

“I just did my job. That’s all. What coach wants us to do is doing the little things, every detail, screening, spacing on them, and everything, you just have to do what you’re supposed to do,” Navarro said.