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Enciso apologizes to Cone, Ginebra for ‘disrespectful’ late game 3-pointer


By Miles Morales

Aces guard Simon Enciso apologized to the Barangay Ginebra, particularly to coach Tim Cone, after sinking a 3-point shot in the dying seconds of Alaska’s lopsided 104-78 victory over the Kings last Sunday in Antipolo.

That shot didn’t sit well with Cone, who expressed his disappointment by refusing to shake the hand of Alaska mentor Alex Compton after the game.

“I wanna truly apologize from my end because in the States that’s pretty much showboating and I’m not about that. So I wanna apologize to everybody for doing that,” Enciso said.

The Fil-Am guard stressed that he was just following his coaches’ instruction.

“I was just abiding to what the coaches were telling me. I was already dribbling it out, the seconds were already gone, and then coach told me to shoot so I shot it and it went in,” he said.

Enciso, who finished with 23 points, also said he understands where Cone is coming from and claimed that the late shot was meant no disrepect for the Gin Kings.

“I understand it from both ways,” he said.

“They’re yelling quotient on my end — I guess Alaska didn’t make it to the playoffs one time off just one point so coach Alex wanted me to shoot and unfortunately it went in.

“But I also see it on the Ginebra side. We’re up by thirty, why score again? So I see it from both sides,” he added. “Like I said I just wanna apologize from the bottom of my heart, I didn’t mean it.”