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‘Every game is important’ for La Salle’s Jamie Malonzo


Jamie Orme-Malonzo is a gem that the La Salle was able to pick up.

However, the Green Archers only has one season to maximize his talent, and luckily for them he delivered in their first two games.

For the 6-foot-7 forward, he knows that he only has a limited time to show what he is capable of.

“Yeah, playing one year. You only got what? 14 games. And then whatever happens, happens,” Malonzo said.

“Every game is important for me and for the team.”

Of course, the Fil-Am Malonzo is not just here for himself, but also to help the team compete for Final Four.

“Just playing out here (in La Salle), I want to show in the Philippines and everybody watching what I can do and the team can do this season. Just coming out, competing and giving it my all, I want to be able to help La Salle community reach the next level,” Malonzo stated.

However, the one-and-done talent had a minor setback when he was not cleared to play on Saturday due to sprain wrist, and he would watch his teammates fall under the hands of UE Red Warriors

“It happened during the last game (against NU). I think the coaches, they went back to watch the last game and check how many times I fell. It was about eight to nine to ten times. (The injury) is in one of the falls but I mean, it’s minor,” Malonzo explained .

The high-flying Malonzo will see if he could suit up for the next two weeks.

“We’ll watch it day-to-day and I’ll be back,” he assured.

When asked about Malonzo’s plans right after he is done donning the green and white jersey, this was his answer

“D-League and then to the PBA.”