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Fake news ang PNVF! Kalei Mau denies reaching deal to play in Turkey


Filipina-American Kalei Mau contradicted the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) after it announced that she will be playing in Turkey after her stint with the national women’s volleyball team.

Mau on Wednesday clarified that she has yet to formally reach a deal with a Turkish club, making her available to see action for anybody who is interested to tap her services.

“One thing I’ll never understand is the spreading of fake news. I haven’t even mentioned ‘Turkey’ at all,” Mau said.

“I don’t want to be getting a call from my mom, hearing her say: Baby, oh my God. Why you didn’t tell us? I am very transparent with my Mama. I don’t make decisions without them going over the pros and cons.”

A PNVF official has said over the weekend that Mau will campaign in Europe following an impressive stint for the national squad in the AVC Asian Women’s Club Championship in Nakhon Ratchasima last week.